2008-09 First General Meeting

By Dr. Irene Palma

A cold and gloomy day greeted everyone on the morning of the first day of October as many, for sure, found it easier to snuggle up and savor the cozy temperature of the holiday morning. Such, however, was not the case for the 38 members of the Association of Philippine Orthodontists who, despite rain showers, cold wind and the thick fog, trooped to the Tagaytay Highlands Resort to attend the new Fiscal Year’s 1st General Meeting.

The affair kicked off with the Invocation and National Anthem led by Dr. Ramona Locsin and Dr. Glen Gonzales, respectively. This was immediately followed by the Welcome Address by APO president Dr. Jose Rivera. The topic for this year’s 1st General Meeting was “Periodontically Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) – An Innovative Approach to Conventional Orthodontics.” This was presented by guest speaker Dr. Vivian Virata, who was gracefully introduced by Dr. Angela Centeno. It was pointed out by Dr. Virata that PAOO is a relatively new technology utilizing growth factor enhanced matrix which could significantly accelerate orthodontic treatment. The event drew to a close on the lighter side with team building activities and games, which was presided over by Dr. Joey Dolendo. An especially interesting game the members played was the “Name Game”, where each member was asked to tell the story behind their names. This game was made especially amusing not to mention surprising, to say the least, as Dr. Jose Rivera revealed the story behind his name.

Overall, the 1st General Meeting turned out  well as not only did it have a relatively high member attendance, despite the weather conditions, but also because of the smooth flow of activities. Kudos to the organizing committee for a truly successful and enjoyable event!  As for the story behind Dr. Rivera’s name, well, you would have to ask him yourself.

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