Important notice from PBO

Due to the strict implementation of the new Dental Law and the new Guidelines which will be released anytime now by PRC:

A. Please advise Dentists practising Orthodontics to desist from using the title “Orthodontist” unless they fall under either one of the following categories:

  1. A graduate of at least 2-3 years full time orthodontic program in an accredited university; or
  2. One who has been conferred Diplomate status which means he/she has passed phase 4 PBO examination

           Note: Either way they must be in exclusive practice of Orthodontics,

B. Signages must be within the bounds of ethical standards.

C. Schedule of Phase III/IV PBO examination: (Clinical presentation of 5/10 cases)
     Examination date: January 28, 2009
     Application deadline: October 29, 2008