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We are a specialty organization founded in 1980 to promote and encourage a high standard of excellence in orthodontic treatment and education. We are recognized internationally as an affiliate society of the World Federation of Orthodontists, a charter member of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS) and accredited by the Philippine Board of Dentistry. Check out our Wikipedia article here.

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Welcome to the APO website!

The virtual world has definitely brought us closer, albeit not physically, but nevertheless in closer commune with one another, in whatever part of the world we may be. Serendipitously, the limitations brought about by the pandemic has fast-tracked our virtual experience! With this in mind, we will be updating you with APO news and schedules of local and international conferences and scientific meetings.

We will continue to post the Philippine Journal of Orthodontics virtually.  We have made some Orthodontic organizations more accessible to you such as WFO, AAO and APOS by posting their links in the new LINKS PORTAL section.  Please also check out the newly updated PBO website.  And don't forget to register in our MEMBERS ONLY page, exclusively for APO members.

Our website is a work in progress, so please do bear with us, and let us know how we can improve!

Praying for everyone’s safety and health!




The Association of Philippine Orthodontists successfully held its 12th Biennial National Congress last August 2, 2021, via the Zoom virtual platform, with the theme “Navigating the Dynamic Future of Orthodontics”.

The Congress was honored by the presence of Dr. Melinda Lopez-Garcia, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Program Manager for the Career Progression and Specialization Program and Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (CPDAS-CATS), as Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Angelo Militante, President of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA), gave a special message showing PDA’s continued support to APO activities.

The event was graced by the four distinguished speakers very familiar to the APO community: Dr. Somchai Satravaha, Dr. Kee Joon Lee, Dr. Eric Liou, and Dr. Nikhilesh Vaid.

True to the theme of the Congress, the eminent speakers generously shared their knowledge and expertise on the new and evidence-based approaches to complex orthodontic problems. The open forum at the end of each lecture brought more insights and additional information from the speakers. The participants greatly appreciated the quality of the lectures and the caliber of the speakers.

It was also during this event that APO inducted two new Associate Members: Dr. Aaron Neal Lu and Dr. Marie Antoinette Caldoza. The Philippine Board of Orthodontics inducted its newest and youngest Diplomate, Dr. Martin Antonio Reyes. 

Another highlight of the day was the launching of the commemorative 40th-anniversary E-book, APO@40: Creating and Celebrating Beautiful Smiles. The book displays 40 years of APO memories of the events and colleagues who have been part of the growth of APO since it was established in 1980. This can be accessed on our website: apo.com.ph.

The success of the Congress was also made possible by the support of APO’s generous sponsors: Natrapharm, Inc., J-Chenny, AVM Ortho, Ordent Trading, DDM Enterprises, Trevor Enterprises, DentaCube, Huedent, and JRLT. 

Hosting the Congress were APO members Dr. Johnnie Rey Sanchez and Dr. Elisa Rivas.

With the current restrictions due to the pandemic, the Congress participants were greatly appreciative to have watched and learned from the speakers, albeit virtually. This mode of presentation and communication brought together Orthodontists from different parts of the region, sharing the same dedication and passion to deliver quality and safe orthodontic treatment.


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