APO Fellows get together to choose their next officers

by Dr. Chibelle Pike

Last June 6, 2012 APO fellows convened at the familiar and comforting meeting rooms of the Rockwell Club in Makati City to elect their new set of officers. The Comelec, comprised of Drs. Sandy Adriano, Patty Claparols and Jose Rivera, deemed 59 out of the Association’s 68 fellows eligible to vote and/or be elected into office.

The assembly started promptly at 8:00am with the entertaining opening remarks cum video presentation of APO President Dr. Obet Tan together with the usual delectable breakfast buffet we have all come to expect during our regular APO meetings.

Dr. Rivera soon opened the elections with important announcements regarding the mechanics of the secret ballot exercise and a stern one-liner to encourage everyone present “to get out of our comfort zones to serve the APO.”

Although not all nominees were entirely ready to accept posts in the APO Board, the elections unfolded seamlessly with 52 fellows in participation (28 present, 24 via proxy forms) resulting in the following roster of APO Officers for 2012-2014:


President-Elect Dr. Diane Lim
Vice President Dr. Teresa Goduco
Secretary Dr. Ramona Locsin
Treasurer Dr. Dennis Lim
Auditor Dr. Katherine Ong
Directors 1. Dr. Angela Centeno
2. Dr. Joanne Maranon
3. Dr. Marivic Reyes
4. Dr. Crisanta Santayana
5. Dr. Cynthia Quismundo

Congratulations to Dr. Serraon’s Dream Team!