APO 1st General Meeting & Scientific Seminar

APO started the year with a great speaker for the 1st APO General Meeting & Scientific Seminar held on the virtual platform. We were fortunate to have Dr. Glenn Sameshima, DDS, PhD, of the University of Southern California Department of Orthodontics. 

With the theme “In Focus: Overcoming Orthodontic Challenges”, the first topic, Clinical Management of Root Resorption, tackled the challenges of this phenomenon in the Orthodontic practice. Dr. Glenn is known for his long-time research and work on Root Resorption. Although it is an inevitable reaction of the teeth when being moved orthodontically, the lecture focused on the signs that clinicians should be aware of at the start and during the treatment. Root resorption at the apex is not reversible, but this occurrence does not preclude the continuation of the management. Protocols in the proper management were presented to render correct mechanotherapy.

 The second topic was on the challenges in the Orthodontic practice during and after the pandemic. With the limitations and restrictions brought about by the pandemic, the orthodontic practice must re-evaluate the previous protocols and employ new ones to render treatment while ensuring safety of the clinic staff as well as the patients. The continuation of the treatment ensures that the orthodontic process and oral health are integral part of the overall health of the patients.

It was a very well-attended meeting, participated in by the APO members and friends of APO.