5th APO General Meeting and Seminar


The Association of Philippine Orthodontists (APO) has been providing lectures and seminars on topics about Orthodontics and dental related subjects. But last October 26, 2015 at One Shangri-la Place Ortigas, APO on its 5th general meeting, offered a different avenue for members to experience a seminar of “Visioning and Planning”.

It was a well attended assembly of 46 APO members, 1 APO student member, and 5 non-APO members.

The whole day event highlighted 5 major activities, namely: Awardings of delegates to the WFO congress, a Seminar titled, ” Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance”, a Self-assessment of members on emotional communication preferences, Awardings of cell group leaders, and Strategic planning of APO officers and members.

The awarding of certificates was to give recognition to the APO members and student members who attended and whose case reports and researches were accepted for poster presentation during the 8th World Federation of Orthodontists International Orthodontic Congress held in London, United Kingdom from September 27-30, 2015. The poster titles are as follows:


  • “Correction of Skeletal Crossbite and Mandibular Deviation by Orthodontic Mechanics” by Authors: Dr. Angelyn G. de Guzman & Dr Rocelie R. Sison
  • “Management of Intracapsular TMD Using the Multiloop Edgewise Technique” by Authors: Dr Aaron Neal Y. Lu, Dr. Rocelie R. Sison & Dr Marian Almyra S. Naranjilla
  • “Simplifying Orthodontic Mechanics in the Treatment of Different Malocclusions” by Author: Dr. Dennis C. Lim
  • “Closed Eruption Technique in Orthodontic Management of Bilateral Maxillary Impacted Canines in a Class II Div 2 Malocclusion” by Authors: Dr. Lorena Balacanao, Dr. Danilo L. Aguilar, & Dr Marian Almyra S. Naranjilla


  • “Linear Regression Model for Improved Prediction of Required Space Using the Mesio-Distal Width of Lower Incisors: A Mixed Dentition Analysis” by Authors: Dr. Cecilia C. Torres & Dr. Marian Almyra S. Naranjilla
  • “Prediction of Arch Forms Among Filipinos Ages 18-20 with Angle Class Occlusion Relative to the Mesio-Distal Width of Maxillary Incisors” by Authors: Dr. Amy Buendia & Dr. Marian Almyra S. Naranjilla
  • “The Effect of Nasoalveolar Molding on the Nostril Symmetry of Children with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate” by Authors: Dr. Cecile Ammeli Cabrera, Dr. Janet Mapa Pandan, Dr. Crysoine Marquez, & Dr Maria Irene Yu
  • “The Effect of Nasoalveolar Molding on the Nasolabial Appearance of Children with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate” by Authors: Dr. Cecile Ammeli Cabrera, Dr Janet Mapa Pandan, & Dr. Crysoine Marquez
  • “Caries Experience in Filipino Children with Cleft Lip and/or Palate” by Author: Dr. Cecile Ammeli Cabrera

The seminar on Work-Life Balance given by the guest speaker Dr. Maria Victoria Q. Caparas, a faculty member at the University of Asia and the Pacific who was warmly welcomed by the members. Dr Caparas emphasized the importance of being a family-responsible-employer and work-responsible- family man despite the stresses in work and at home. In this line, she suggested everyone to practice “family visioning technique” which refers to proper scheduling and sharing responsibilities in marriage and parenting among family members.

The self-assessment exercise on the 5 Love Languages (adapted from the book by Gary Chapman) was facilitated by the couple Mr and Mrs Eric Canoy after giving a short talk on Family Matters. The test helps someone analyze his need to feel loved or his emotional communication preference among the 5 languages: Words of affirmation, Spending Quality time, Receiving gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. It was a fun- and excitement-filled activity among members as most of them were surprised to know the language they speak which they have never been aware of.

After a feast for brains and hearts was a feast for the stomachs. It was a sumptuous meal with complete package of food and desserts that everyone has enjoyed partaking. At this moment, members and non-members had a chance to socialize among themselves. There was a fruitful exchanges of experiences that everyone would instill in life values.

Immediately after lunch, the awarding of certificates to deserving cell group leaders followed. The awarding was to recognize and appreciate the unparalleled services and commitment the following members have offered to the association for the past many years.

  • Dr. Cynthia Quismundo (Makati 1)
  • Dr. Crissie Santayana (Makati 2)
  • Dr. Monica Quiambao (Makati 3)
  • Dr. Lani Bergonio (San Juan/ Mand/ Pasg 1)
  • Dr. Chibelle Pike (San Juan/ Mand/ Pasig 2)
  • Dr. Bernadette Lim (San Juan/ Mand/ Pasig 3)
  • Dr. Kathy Ong (Manila 1)
  • Dr. Glenn Gonzales (Manila 2)
  • Dr. Ana Ramona Locsin (Manila 3)
  • Dr. Angela Centeno (Quezon City 1)
  • Dr. Cathy Juliano (Quezon City 2)
  • Dr. Ellen Estrada (quezon City 3)
  • Dr. Jose Rivera (Alabang/ Paranaque)
  • Dr. Maria Laarni Serraon ( Luzon 1)
  • Dr. Marie Joy Lazaro (Luzon 2)
  • Dr. Patrick Chua (Visayas)
  • Dr. Grace Kwan (Mindanao)


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The kick-off activity culminated with the meeting of officers, cell group leaders, and committee members for strategic planning in preparation to future events of APO. Every member was given the chance to participate and come up with possible solutions for the association to continually carry on its mission and uphold excellence among members and to be at par with the changes and demands brought by globalization.