“A Bag of Tricks”

by Dr Bakr Rabie

Dr. Marybeth Gabriel

The Association of Philippine Orthodontists held a limited attendance lecture during the 101st Annual Convention of the Philippine Dental Association at Function Room 2 of the SMX Convention Center in the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last September 22, 2009.

The Masters of Ceremonies who kept things going smoothly were Drs. Martin Reyes and Ramona Locsin.  Invocation was done by Dr. Angela Centeno, followed by the National Anthem by Dr. Glenn Gonzales. Dr. Jose Manuel Rivera, President of the APO 2008-2010, did the Welcome Address for the delegates and guests.


Prior to the lecture, Committee Reports were presented by the different committee heads, namely Dr. Bernadette Lim for Membership, Dr. Laarni Serraon for Outreach and Dr. Ermelinda Galang for the Philippine Board of Orthodontics.

The well-renowned speaker, Dr. Bakr Rabie, Program Director in Orthodontics for the University of Hong Kong, was introduced by Dr. Angela Castro-Centeno, and his lecture entitled “A Bag of Tricks: A Guide to the Management of Comprehensive Orthodontic Problems” proved to be a very useful and educational one.

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Dr. Rabie discussed several informative topics, firstly whether to treat a case via extraction or non-extraction. For the non-extraction cases, he discussed ways on how to get the necessary space, namely proclination of incisors, expansion/rounding off of arches, distalization, stripping and rotation of molars distobuccally. Several cases were presented, together with different treatment modalities, with each of their pros and cons. Secondly, facial asymmetries (true asymmetry and not true asymmetry) in patients were also presented. Some genetic conditions like condylar hyperplasia were also mentioned, and how these conditions affect treatment for the patient.

Over-all, the lecture was simple yet very informative and entertaining, giving the delegates useful tips on managing their patients. The cases were presented very well with the pre- and post-operative diagnostic records and Dr. Rabie engages the audience to answer his questions in between topics. The delegates interacted with him as well thru their questions at the end of the lecture. Definitely, Dr. Bakr Rabie’s lectures are those you shouldn’t miss!