PDA Orthodontic Symposium

By Dr. Eleanor Jane Sanchez

The Philippine Dental Association’s 101st Annual Convention was held on September 23-27, 2009 in SMX Convention Center. Orthodontics Session was one of the first scientific sessions. Three topics were discussed and one of which was “Clinical Guidelines in Orthodontic Retention.” This was presented by Dr. Laarni P. Serraon, DDM, MSD. Its purpose is to present guidelines in choosing the appropriate retention appliance and present the factors that define their effectiveness in retention.

Orthodontic retention is the holding of teeth in ideal esthetic and functional positions following orthodontic treatment for the period of time necessary for the maintenance of the result. Precepts of stability were discussed namely, the occlusion school, the apical base school, the mandibular incisor school and the musculature school. There are different factors affecting post-retention stability: the periodontal and gingival tissues, mandibular incisor dimension, post orthodontic growth changes, the developing molars, alteration of arch form, and the influence of environmental factors and neuromusculature. Retainers can be categorized into 2 types, the fixed and removable retainers. The different appliances as well as its advantages and disadvantages were also discussed. There are also categories of retention according to duration: no retention required limited retention, and the permanent/semi permanent retention. In conclusion, consider the following in planning for retention: the original malocclusion and patient’s growth pattern, the type of treatment performed the need for adjunctive procedures to enhance stability and the type of retainer.

Question and answer portion were allotted at the end of the presentation. Numerous questions were answered adding clarity to the topic discussed.