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Maintain… Regain… Extract? That is the Question!

By Dr. Rhea Corpuz

Last January 6, 2017, PDA-Dolfenal had a Scientific Symposia held at Arianna Hotel, Bauang, La Union. Dentists all over Region 1-Northwestern Luzon namely; Baguio, Benguet, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Pangasinan and the chapter host La Union Dental Chapter attended the Symposia.

PDA President Dr. Carlos Buendia, together with PDA VP Luzon North Dr. Alvin Laxaman, and PDA CDE Chair Dr. Quiambao officiated the program.

There were 3 guest speakers for the said event. Dr. Ronnie Nunez for Prosthodontics, Dr. Ma. Rea Katrina E. Corpuz for Orthodontics and Dr. Gary V. Brillo for Oral Surgery.

The lecture in Orthodontics was all about management of space problems. It aimed to solve the dilemma of dentists when dealing with their mixed dentition patients. Dentists were taught on the importance and effectiveness of incorporating Mixed Dentition Analysis in their practice for proper Orthodontic diagnosis. They were also taught on how to properly assess and predict the space for the unerupted canine and premolar. A precise analysis is important because it aids in the treatment planning as to whether the patient is recommended for a space maintainer, space regainer or serial extraction.

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