First APO Adventure Challenge in Bora

By Danilo Victor H. Africa

The Sun is on its highest peak and it is tremendously hot outside, and yet the participants were really eager to start the race. But before I make some statement regarding the events winner let me brief you first with the mechanics of the race. Each group was asked to bring cellular Phones, Digital Camera, prepare a Team Cheer, Race Attire, and Money for transportation which is provided by the Organizers. Each teams were oriented regarding the  5 task within the different parts of Boracay , for every location there would be marshals to assist them (Ethel, Irene, iris, Dayang, Karen, Joy, Dennis, and Aileen). There are 21 participants in the race which is divide into 3 Teams ( UE Iranian Students, Dr. Naranjilla group, and Dr. Lo kai Who group), at the starting point the teams were ask to decipher a number of word puzzles and receive their first travel clue. You can feel the Adrenaline pumping through their veins rushing through the fist task at hand, and so the race starts at around 2:00 pm and for each task the teams will be required to perform a physical or mental challenge as the marshals take a team picture as proof of completing the tasks.

There are five task and they are the following; “ An Inky trip” wherein each teams were ask to have an APO Logo Tattooed on any part of His/Her body. The second task is the “ Anchor’s a-Whale”, the teams were ask to eat green Mango and flash their sweetest smile to a camera and drink a green Mango shake and have his/ her picture taken with the glass overturned on top of their head. The third task is “ Get down on your knees”, here they were ask to go to the Grotto of the Holy Lady and ask to string a Rosary from beads near the Holy Lady and pray and offer the Rosary to the Idol. The fourth task is the “ Bananarama”, here the teams were ask to consume a whole bunch of Bananas then ride a Banana Boat and have their picture taken. The Fifth task is  “Who’s the Social Climber’, the teams were ask to look for the little people the Hobbits who will give them a bag of   seeds of watermelon to be cracked open and be consumed, then ask to climb the wall while the rest of the teams cheer for them. After the entire Task have been finished the teams has to race to the stairway at the center if the Regency and shout-out their team cheer.
The first team to finish the adventure was the UE Students, followed by the team of Dr. Naranjilla , and lastly the group of Dr. Lo Kai Who had a problem in the task of Bananrama regarding the instructions and fire accident wherein the boat can’t sail for them to complete the task. 

It was a fun and an unforgettable experience for the participants, they were really eager or up to finish the race no matter the odds is. The winning team was given a free accommodation to a Hotel in Boracay.  By the way this event will not materialize without the superb effort of the organizers whish is headed by Dr. Cristy Laureta and Dr. Joanne Maranon..Well this sum’s up my write-up regarding the Adventure race in Boracay and I have to sign-out till next time, TaTa!