Clear Aligners: The Future Orthodontic Appliance

by Dr. Marybeth Gabriel

The Association of Philippine Orthodontists (APO) held its 4th General Meeting last August 7, 2013 at the Ace Hotel and Suites in Pasig City, with the topic entitled “Clear Aligners : The Future Orthodontic Appliance” by Dr. TaeWeon Kim.  Master of Ceremonies was Drs. Liza Adriano and Rosabelle Pike.

Clear Aligners or the eCligner Aligner System was pioneered by Dr. TaeWeon Kim in South Korea.  He discussed its mechanics, obvious advantages of esthetics, no pointy wires or cuts and abrasions that may come from these wires, precise correction, comfort level, removable option, extremely hygienic, cost efficient and only minimal check ups required.  The cases for these aligners were also presented, with both extraction and non-extraction cases done with satisfying results.  However, precise finishing were at times needed, as Dr. TaeWeon Kim conceded.  Its comparison with the more popular Invisalign was also discussed, and though there are differences in the options of fabrication, wherein eCligners could be made both by technicians (hand made) and by a digital system, unlike the Invisalign which can only be produced digitally, both are very effective in giving a very impressive alternative to the standard metal Orthodontic treatments that is very common to this day.