Back to School at TMU

Because of our long standing friendship and relationship with the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists, outgoing TAO President Dr. Johnson Cheng extended an invite to the APO Board to send 4 APO Members to attend a 10 day Extensive Course in Orthodontics at the Taiwan Medical University right in the heart of beautiful Taipei. The new APO Board decided that the 4 who were selected should be members of the APO Speakers Bureau and must be willing to give a summary of their adventure in an echo lecture in one of the APO General Meetings during the year. For this first ever batch, Drs. Janet Pandan, Pinky Naranjilla , Martin Reyes and Monica Quiambao were selected to represent APO.

In this 10 day program which ran its course from January 21-31 , 2019, our representatives were treated to a host of enlightening lectures ranging from the inspiring material of our long time TAO friends as well as from the brilliant minds of young upcoming orthodontic specialists who should be invited to the Philippines sooner than later. Delegates were exposed to a variety of ways to diagnose and treat just about any type of malocclusion you can think of. From a digital workflow , to the management of impacted teeth, surgery first concept , clear aligners, new trends for class III treatment ,special wires , TMD Treatment and lingual orthodontics to name a few, the international students were overwhelmed with all the topics that were presented.

The students were treated to a weekend break where Dr Johnson arranged a 1 day tour of the city to give everyone a chance to relax during the cool winter month of January. With more and more lectures flowing in, time flew faster than expected and soon it was time to say good-bye to each other. After a scrumptious dinner hosted by the Taiwan Medical University , delegates also had the pleasure of meeting the new TAO President Dr. Spinx Lu. At long last this adventure came to a close and the 4 APO representatives left Taiwan with the memories of new friendships made, new techniques to apply in their practice and a host of lessons learned that can be shared with the APO members back home.