APOS Gets Global Exposure

The Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS) Gets Global Exposure with Its Participation in the 7th International Orthodontic Congress

The Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society has its very own orthodontic  conference (APOC), which is  now held every 2 years, since its inception in 2001. However , this time  the APOS decided to sacrifice having its own 7th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conference and instead, incorporate it with the WFO’s 7th International Orthodontic Conference to achieve global exposure.  Being a regional Affiliate organization of the WFO, the APOS, under the vibrant leadership of Dr. Somchai Satravaha (also a member of the WFO Executive Committee representing Central & East Asia), wanted to show its mother organization, the WFO, a 100% support for its endeavor.  Five years of painstaking preparations for this project by the WFO bore fruit: over 4000 delegates flocked to Sydney for this event.

The 7th Asian Pacific Conference was incorporated into the World Village Day programme held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre last February 8, 2010. Dr. Winifred Harding from the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists, as Congress Chair, takes full credit for the scientific content of the conference.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) under the kind hospitality of Dr. Shane Fryer, sponsored the APOS Executive Committee Meeting held last February 7, 2010. With Dr. Somchai Satravaha (APOS President 2008-2010) presiding over the meeting, discussions went rather smoothly.

The APOS now boasts of 16 Affiliate members from an original of 9 from its inception in 2001. This demonstrates the respect and goodwill that the APOS has earned throughout the past years. It is noteworthy to mention that most of the TAD (temporary anchorage device) innovators have come from the Asian Pacific region and hence are most sought after conference speakers.

The following are the 16 Affiliate members of the APOS and their respective Executive Committee representatives:

The Malaysian Association of Orthodontists won the bid for the 9th APOC in 2014. Therefore we look forward to experiencing Malay hospitality in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia while absorbing new trends in Orthodontics!

Elections were held and congratulations are in order to the following: 

  • Dr. Kai-Woh Loh from the Association of Orthodontists Singapore (President)
  • Dr. Kazuo Tanne from the Japanese Orthodontic Society (Vice President)
  • Dr. Tanan Jaruprakorn from the Thai Association of Orthodontists (Secretary General)
  • Dr. Girish Karandikar from the Indian Society of Orthodontists (Honorary Treasurer)

The APOS invites all to its forthcoming 8th APOC to be held at New Delhi, India in November 23-26, 2012. Since the primary goal of the APOS is to promote excellence in orthodontics through education and research in the Asian Pacific region, this conference will serve exactly that purpose.  Let us all plan for our journey to New Delhi in 2012!

Dr. Crissie Santayana
APOS Secretary General 2008-2010