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APO’s 9th General Meeting

by Dr Iris Panlilio-Law

The Association of Philippine Orthodontists scheduled its 9th General Meeting on June 1, 2016 at One Shangri-la Place, Ortigas Center. This meeting was also set, as mandated in the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws, as the election of officers for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

As it was an election meeting, the Comelec had already started preparing weeks in advance. Those eligible to vote and to be voted into office were determined by the Comelec. Per the Constitution, only Fellows may be voted into office and Fellows and Active Members are allowed to vote. This year’s Comelec was chaired by Ex-Officio Dr. Laarni Serraon. Drs. Crissie Santayana and Teresa Goduco made up the rest of the committee. Following strict protocols once again set in the Constitution, proxy forms were also sent out to voting members and those unable to attend the election were required to properly fill out the form and submit to the Comelec.

The meeting started with registration and a sumptuous breakfast buffet at 8:00AM, followed by opening remarks by APO President Dr. Diane Lim. The floor was then turned over to the Comelec chair to formally begin the process of elections. APO was especially blessed to have Dr Serraon present for this occasion. Seventeen Fellows and Active Members were in attendance for this meeting while twenty-three others sent in their proxy forms, which constituted a quorum.

(L-R): COMELEC Member Dr. Teresa Goduco, COMELEC Chair Dr. Laarni Serraon, APO President Dr. Diane Lim and COMELEC Member Dr. Crissie Santayana.

Elections were speedy and without any untoward incidents. At APO’s helm for the next fiscal year are:

President – Dr Martin Reyes
President-Elect – Dr Ramona Locsin
Vice-President – Dr Annabelle Kopio
Secretary – Dr Marievic Reyes
Treasurer – Dr Rossanna Sanchez
Auditor – Dr Katherine Ong
Dr Jose Rivera
Dr Joanne Marañon
Dr Obet Tan
Dr Dennis Lim
Dr Janet Pandan
Ex-Officio – Dr Diane Lim

The new board starts their term of office on January 1, 2017 and ends on December 31, 2018. Chairmanship of the different committees will be assigned by the President prior to the start of the new term.

Cover Photo:  The newly elected APO Board for FY 2017-2018.
(L-R): Dr. Obet Tan, Dr. Diane Lim, Dr. Martin Reyes, Dr. Ramona Locsin, Dr. Kathy Ong, Dr. Joanne Marañon and Dr. Jose Rivera. Not in photo are Dr. Annabelle Kopio, Dr. Marievic Reyes, Dr. Rossanna Sanchez, Dr. Dennis Lim and Dr. Janet Pandan.