APO participates in the 8th Annual Meeting of the Indonesian Association of Orthodontists

The Indonesian Association of Orthodontists (IAO) recently organized its 8th Annual Meeting at Yogyakarta, Indonesia last June 6-8, 2013 at the Sahid Rich Jogja Hotel with the theme ”Passion for Excellence”.  The goal of the meeting was to improve the professionalism and quality of orthodontic care, especially among the Indonesian orthodontists.

The main speakers for the said event were Dr. Lee Graber and Dr. Straty Righellis; in addition to the main speakers, several other oral and poster presenters were there to grace the event. The Association of Philippine Orthodontists (APO) was represented by Dr. Dennis C. Lim, who gave an oral presentation on June 6, 2013 entitled MEAW: An alternative treatment mechanics to severe malocclusions. Dr Dennis Lim also brought with him two postgraduate students from University of the East, Manila who also presented E- posters.  The annual meeting was a success as different well-known orthodontists from all over the world attended and shared their orthodontic knowledge to the participants.