APO members participate in the International Joint Congress of the MEAW Technique and Research Foundation in Yokohama, Japan

By Dr. Diana Dorothy Lim, DDM, MSD

APO members and Founding members of the MEAW Study Club of the Philippines: Dr. Cynthia P. Quismundo, Dr. Dennis C. Lim, Dr. Ma. Laarni P. Serraon and Dr. Diana Dorothy Lim attended the International Joint of MEAW held in Yokohama, Japan last September 15-17, 2012. They were joined by other APO members Dr. Jocelyn Tan, Dr. Helen Ng and 2 post-graduate students from UE Dr. Lijo Abraham and Dr. Soroush Emamdad.

The International MEAW Congress was held on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the International Biennial MEAW Technique and Research Foundation, the 20th Anniversary of Japanese MEAW Kenkyu-Kai and the 20th Anniversary of Korean MEAW Technique and Research Foundation. This event was originally slated last year. However, it had to be postponed because of the devastating earquake and tsunami followed by the power plant accident in Japan. It is truly commendable that they were able to hold this event barely a year after the incident. This congress was also meant to be a tribute to Dr. Young Ho Kim, the pioneer of the MEAW Technique who passed away four years ago. meaw-2Over a thousand orthodontists from all over the world are members of this foundation and practice the MEAW technique which continues to grow and advance globally.

More than 40 speakers from 4 continents shared their ideas, research accomplishments, clinical experience for the benefit of their fellow practitioners. There were valuable learnings which include very interesting clinical cases, recent studies on muscle activity related to various tooth contacts, cbct related observations that demonstrate cranial base adaptation, innovative materials e.g. gum metal and the updated CADIAX machine that records jaw movement for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

meaw-3Our Filipino delegation headed by Dr. Cynthia Quismundo, together with Dr. Dennis Lim and Dr. Laarni Serraon presented their complicated clinical cases in the said congress. They also spent sometime prior to the congress to update themselves with the researches and clinical protocal in Kanagawa Dental College under Dr. Sadao Sato. The social events held in the evenings fostered warm camaraderie and friendships that facilitate international exchanges and networking. This congress proved to be a truly educational and fruitful one. 

As a fruit of this recently concluded congress, the participants have committed themselves to hold an echo seminar on November 7, 2012 at 1-5:30 p.m. at the MetroClub, Makati City. With the explicit approval of the concerned authors/presentors, they will  be sharing the 7 most interesting research works held in the congress. Interested parties may visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/471653779535967/?fref=ts.