APO 9th Biennial Regional Conference (Day 1)

It was a highly successful and well-attended Day 1 of the 2-day Lecture/Workshop of the Association of Philippine Orthodontists’ (APO) 9th Biennial Regional Conference lead by its President Dr. Martin Antonio V. Reyes held last August 7, 2017 in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. It was an honor to APO to have a sought-after speaker from India, Dr. Chetan Jayade, as speaker for the Regional Congress.

Dr. Jayade comes from a family of dentists, and it was not surprising that he made a mark for himself as an accomplished and excellent Orthodontist. He is presently a Professor and Head of Orthodontics in CKS Theja College, Tirupati, India. He has been invited as keynote speaker to numerous and prestigious international conferences in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam and Nepal, and has also given lectures in London and Hongkong.

For Day 1 of APO Congress, Dr. Jayade tackled on the topic of Advanced Biomechanics. He emphasized the important and inseparable link between Orthodontics and “sound application of sound mechanics,” which he believes is “the driving force behind the scene.” Efficient treatment is then the result of the Orthodontist’s use of correct mechanical forces and moments leading to desired and planned tooth movement.

Geometry X, a new wire-bracket geometry was introduced to the attendees. He also showed clinical examples of cases wherein the use of One-couple system works better on cases that require intrusion and/or combination of Intrusion and retraction. Torque delivery in these cases were enhanced using light wire auxiliaries and segmental springs. Dr. Jayade demonstrated to the audience the wire bending technique on making the spring.

Cases were also shown wherein the use of TADs enhanced the delivery of tooth movement when used with sound principles and wire mechanics.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the hands-on workshop participated by all the attendees where they learned new arch wire bending techniques like the Mulligan’s intrusion arch design and Geometry X design. They worked on the model casts and wires provided by APO and 3M, the congress’ major sponsor.

He also taught the participants of the workshop one of the most challenging desired tooth movements – that of labial root toque and lingual crown torque of a palatally-positioned maxillary lateral incisor. For Orthodontists, learning never ends as long as new, and challenging cases keep coming.

On this note, APO is dedicated to providing venues where learning is a continuous process, benefitting both the Orthodontists and the patients.