APO 8th GM: 2018 DIY Ortho Trends

By Dr. Marybeth Gabriel

The Association of Philippine Orthodontists’ 8th General Meeting entited ‘2018 DIY Ortho Trends’ held at the Crowne Plaza Ortigas last Aug 14, 2018 was truly a remarkable gathering of over 400 delegates, all raring to learn from world renowned speaker Dr. Thomas Shipley, Dr. Cecile Tuano Cabrera, Dr. Marian Naranjilla, and Atty. Benedict Tugonon.

Fildent, our main sponsor for the event, brought in our main speaker, Dr Thomas Shipley.  Dr. Shipley advocates and enlightened the crowd with the Sagittal First Philosophy and Passive Self- Ligation, and introduced to us a fairly new product of molar distalization called the Carriere Motion Appliance. It was a great new idea which a lot of the delegates are raring to try with their Class 2 cases, as well as even Class 3 patients. 

Dr. Cabrera spoke about the most current trends in  Cleft and Palate cases, both for children and adults. She discussed the complications of treating very late, the advantages of treating the patient on time and stressed the importance of the cooperation of not just the Orthodontist and the Oral Maxillofacial surgeon, but other doctors as well for a more wholistic, successful and comprehensive treatment plan for the benefit of the patient.

Dr. Naranjilla discussed the Phase 1 of the Orthodontic treatment, the pros and cons of serial extractions vs. premolar extractions on the patients, and extractions themselves on the patient (either canines, 1st or 2nd premolars).  This has made us more discerning of our treatment plan with regards to our very young patients, and has given us cause to think twice whether to do these extractions or not. 

Last but not the least is Atty. Tugonon who shed some light on this interesting and somewhat confusing topic which affects us all, the TRAIN Law.  He showed us how this is going to affect our practice in particular, the new payment schemes and taxes which we now are introduced to, and how to survive it all.

The venue Crowne Plaza Ortigas was perfect,  located in the heart of the metro, accessible for our delegates coming from the North and the South. The food was very tasty and filling, the ambiance is very conducive to learning. 

Nearly 30 dental and non-dental traders participated in this grand event, some coming in on the day itself, just like some of the delegates who did onsite registration.  The ballroom was brimming to full capacity, but not not enough to make the delegates uncomfortable. The traders were very happy with the delegates who visited them, as well as the delegates who were very enthusiastic in shopping for their dental and non-dental needs. 

The raffle prizes were various and aplenty, giving delight to a number of delegates who won. Not to mention the lucky dentist who won the grand prize of a mini iPad!! 

For all the learning, good food, and the chance to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new ones, this 2018 DIY Seminar will go down in history as one of the most successful seminars headed by our indefatigable APO President Dr. Martin Reyes.  With all his hard work and the dedication of the members of the OrgComm and everybody involved in this seminar, this was truly a rewarding and brilliant experience.