APO 3rd General Meeting: Two Worlds Meet

What an apt name to call APO’s 3rd General and Scientific Meeting held last June 7, 2017 in Rockwell Club, Makati. Bringing together 2 renowned speakers of their own specialties, Dr. Kiyoshi Tai, an accomplished  Orthodontist from Japan, and our very own Dr. Vivian Virata, a much sought after speaker in Periodontics.

Dr. Virata’s lecture was on the “Role of Occlusion  in Treatment Planning in a Reduced and Healthy Periodontium”, a very interesting topic  appreciated by the attendees, which focused on the importance of a good and functional occlusion, in addition to well-aligned teeth, in preserving the health of the supporting strucures.

Dr. Tai presented difficult and impressive cases that other Orthodontists have deemed as failure cases, but in his capable hands, were able to treat successfully! He showed a case wherein he was able to move a premolar successfully to close a space even though the apical 3rd of the root was in the maxillary sinus area.

Both excellent lectures showcased the dedication and focus the 2 speakers have in their chosen field of specialty. Truly, APO is blessed to have brought them together!