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A Back to Back Event

By: Dr. Rea Corpuz

Last July 23, 2017, the Makati Dental Chapter (MDC), held its 51st Annual Convention and Induction Ceremony at the Makati Sports Club with theme entitled “Maximizing Learning Opportunities for Optimum Professional Services.” It was a one day event packed with seminar, activities and entertainment for the 200 plus dentists who attended. The first half of the event was a seminar, which was later on followed by the induction of the newly elected officers of Makati Dental Chapter.

MDC was very fortunate to have invited well renowned speakers, who shared their expertise in the most sought after specializations in the field of Dentistry. Dr. Roberto Pangan was the guest lecturer for Oral Surgery and for Orthodontics, the President of the Association of Philippine Orthodontists, Dr. Martin Reyes.

back-to-back 02The lecture in Orthodontics entitled “Traction or Extraction? Guidelines on Management of Impacted Canine” aimed to resolve the dilemma of dentists when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment planning of cases involving impacted canine. It is a common problem to all when it comes to deciding whether the tooth is a candidate for extraction or Orthodontic traction.

Dr. Reyes shared a lot of clinical cases to the delegates. He gave them guidelines on when to know if a tooth is good for Orthodontic traction or not. He also gave recommendations on when is the appropriate time to surgically remove a tooth if traction has poor prognosis.

back-to-back 03A plaque of appreciation was awarded to Dr. Reyes in grateful recognition, for sharing his most valuable time and expertise in the field of Orthodontics, to the delegates and members of MDC. The president of MDC, Dr. Carlo Santos, together with the other officers, presented the award to Dr. Reyes.

Aside from the seminar, another highlight of the event was
the induction of the newly elected officers. One of the Inductees was our very own APO member Dr. Rea Corpuz who was inducted as Vice-President of Makati Dental Chapter for the year 2017-2018.

back-to-back 04PDA officers namely Dr. Stephen Almonte, Dr. Manny Centeno, Dr. Angelo Millitante and Dr. Ariel Go were present and
officiated the induction ceremony.

A song number by Ms. Aicelle Santos and a ballet dance performed by the daughter of the Past President of Makati Dental Chapter Dr. JV Jaurigue, were part of the short program prepared for the entertainment of the delegates and guests of the inductees.

The program ended with a short video clip highlighting all the activities of Makati Dental Chapter of the previous year.