7th General Meeting

October 3 , 2007
by Dr. Maria Emilyn de Marcaida

The 7th General Meeting of the Association of Philippine Orthodontists for fiscal year 2006-2008 was successfully held last 3 October 2007 at the Palm Grove of the Rockwell Club Makati, with San Juan 2 as the host cell group this time.

Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Sandy Adriano, led the Invocation, while Dr. Kathy Ong concurrent APO President, gave her welcome address, and issued some committee announcements.

Dr. Liza Adriano made the introduction of the guest speaker, Dr Martin Camara, DC who consequently delivered a lecture on “The Role of Chiropractic HealthCare in an Integrated Approach towards Functional TMJ Disorders”. Dr Camara presented chiropractic treatment, which is a natural, drugless branch of the healing arts, as an alternative or adjunct to managing the TMD. An open forum followed to clarify points discussed earlier.

Next Mr. Mon Toledo of Shepherds Voice Publications introduced their new line of books and even gave us copies of the Kerygma, and the latest book of Mr. Eugenio “Bo” R. Sanchez, who incidentally gave us an inspirational talk during APO’s 5th National Orthodontics Congress last August 2006.

Then, Mr. Rene Angeles of Pros-Apac presented Invisalign, an invisible way to straighten teeth without braces and using the latest 3-D imaging technology. Pros-Apac is a partner of OrthoRx of Australia, which has the exclusivity over the Philippines for Invisalign cases.

To cap the event, Dr. Liza Adriano introduced the next speaker, Dr. Marie Vic R Reyes, who made a well-prepared presentation of her PBO cases to the attendees who gathered valuable pointers. Dr Reyes ably presented her distinctly interesting 10 cases that earned for her the Diplomate PBO status last January 2007. (Click on the images below to enlarge them.)

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