7th APO General Meeting

By Dr. Ruby “Boon” Lopez

Several weeks before the 3rd of February 2016, text messages were forwarded inviting all members to attend the 7th Association of Philippine Orthodontists (APO) general meeting for fiscal year 2016-2017. The program was held at the Mayumi and Dalisay function rooms of One Shangri-la Place Ortigas. This particular general meeting was special. It served as both a means for APO members to be updated with the latest trends in Orthodontics, and also to help raise funds to support the chemotherapy expenses of APO’s beloved immediate past president, Dr. Laarni Serraon.

As expected, the 7th APO general meeting was a success. This was evident from the number of attendees. Dr. Glenn M. Gonzales served as the program’s moderator. An inspiring opening prayer was delivered by Dr. Santy Mulles. APO matters were then discussed by current APO president Dr. Diana Lim, who mentioned several upcoming APO related events, including the upcoming APOC (Asia Pacific Orthodontic Congress) meetings and the next Orthodontic symposium of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA).

Introduction of the two invited speakers, Dr. How Kim Chuan (morning lecture) and Dr. Chang-Ok Oh (afternoon lecture) came next. This was done by Dr. Joanne Maranon. The morning and afternoon topics presented by the speakers aimed to make Orthodontic treatment more aesthetically pleasing and help the practitioner finish orthodontic treatment in a shorter period of time.

Dr. How Kim Chuan, from Malaysia, was the first speaker. He is an Invisalign advocate. First mentioned was how the Invisalign appliance evolved through time, from something originally meant to correct post-orthodontic lower incisor relapse crowding, to then being limited to upper and lower teeth correction but only up to the premolars, to eventually becoming an appliance that included molar correction.

He presented a Cl III case wherein he used the Invisalign appliance to prepare the teeth for Orthognathic Surgery. According to him, finishing would have taken longer if a conventional fixed orthodontic appliance (braces) was used instead of Invisalign. Torque expression is also achieved faster with Invisalign when compared to braces, again according to him. He did mention though he encountered difficulty handling lower incisor rotations with the Invisalign appliance. For this particular case he opted to use conventional braces treatment instead of Invisalign post-surgery, to improve the finishing and detailing.

Dr. Chuan noted that since the Invisalign appliance covers the crowns of teeth it leans towards intrusion whereas conventional orthodontic treatment with braces favors extrusion of teeth. For the upper teeth in particular it is easier to extrude them with braces as it is in the same direction as the pull of gravity. Compared to this, intrusion is harder with braces for the upper teeth as this is done against gravity.

Although it remains costly and it’s use requires careful patient selection, Invisalign is still steadily gaining popularity thanks to appliance comfort and esthetics. With the morning lecture finished, lunch was then served.

Dr. Chang-Ok Oh, from Korea, was the afternoon speaker. He is a Lingual Orthodontics proponent. The Orthodontic appliance, according to him, has developed over time, to the point that right now it is not just about archwires and brackets. He encourages the use of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s, also known as “miniscrews” ) for cases that require superior anchorage control. With the aid of TAD’s, accurate control of the movement and positioning of teeth is possible. This makes retraction with sliding mechanics faster, thereby reducing treatment time. Also discussed were the types of Anchorage, as well as miniscrew types, properties and preferred site placement.

For his patients who opt not to have Lingual Orthodontics, Dr. Oh offers clear brackets (made of resin with a metal slot) to his patients. In collaboration with Hubit , Dr Oh designed, developed and released the “OK” Resin Brackets to help, according to him, fill the need for a clear bracket with acceptable appearance, material strength and cost without compromising performance.

Usually Dr. Chang-Ok Oh uses the “Ok” brackets in combination with metal brackets. He suggest using the resin brackets from upper anterior teeth ( canine to canine) or lower anterior teeth (canine to canine) or a combination of both. Issues on esthetics and costs was addressed with “Ok” brackets.
After each lecture a mini-raffle has held, with giveaways generously sponsored by Hubit.

Post Script :

The author wishes to express that it is her deepest wish that Dr. Laarni Serraon have a speedy recovery. Dr. Laarni is probably all smiles right now, knowing how mush she is remembered, loved and cared for by her APO family.

Photo Gallery by Dr. Santy Mulles

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Opening Prayer by Dr. Santy Mulles

Heavenly Father, we thank you for having gathered us here this morning for the Association of Philippine Orthodontist’s 7th General Meeting. We thank you for our speakers who have travelled all the way from Malaysia and Korea to share with us their respective expertise in the field of orthodontics. We hope that whatever we absorb in today’s lectures, we shall apply not only for the benefit of ourselves but mostly to the service of our patients as well as for the continuous uplifting of the standards of orthodontics in our country.

Father God, this morning is not just an ordinary general meeting of the association. Most important of all we have gathered today to share part of ourselves, our commitment and our love for the total healing of our Immediate Past President Dr. Laarni Serraon.

Lord as You have said in Mathew 18:19 “Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven.”

So Lord we have gathered here together to ask You to touch Dr. Laarni with Your healing hands, send with in her Your Holy Spirit, cast out all the abnormal cells, remove the patholological conditions within her body, and 100% restore her total physical health; because we know oh Lord that Dr Laarni’s presence in this world will make her not only continue to serve her friends and family, her patients, the association, but most specially to serve You oh Lord as God’s obedient child. Thank you Lord for hearing us and for listening to us as you have promised.

We also thank all of you who have gathered here this morning for your support, contribution for this purpose, and for your love for Dr Laarni.

Father God, these we all ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.