1st General Meeting

October 12, 2006

For the fiscal years 2006-2008, the APO held its 1st general meeting at the Rockwell Club last Oct. 12, 2006. Dr. Kathy Ong, APO President, welcomed all the 64 attendees.

Dr. Obet Tan, one of the incorporators of Dentista, Inc. shared with the group timely tips and tricks on practice management. He compared dental practice to marriage which is a relationship that needs to be constantly nurtured and cared for. He contrasted the “traditional” dental practice that usually passes away with the retirement of the practitioner with the vision of Taipan Henry Sy of SM Malls whose business, to this day continues to flourish and replicate itself.

Adapting his vision is an option that is worth considering if one wants to have more time to attend to matters other than be fixated to the dentist’s stool treating patients. When properly set up and managed, this will also ensure that that the practice will continue well beyond the practitioner’s lifetime and into the next generations.

Here are more tips from Dr. Tan: 1. Be professional. Observe honesty, punctuality and neatness. 2. Always upgrade yourself. Attend continuing education seminars as this will definitely help you reach your goal which is to render excellent dental service to your patients. 3. Maintain the high quality of service that your office gives, from the practitioner to the secretary to the physical arrangement and cleanliness of your office. 4. Choose a location that is suitable to your market.

Dr. Ibarra Gonzales gave a lecture on Cosmic Consciousness and Kinesiology. He introduced new terminologies which proved to expand the level of awareness of the participants on non dental matters.

The meeting gave the members an opportune time to clarify matters with the PBO. Issues regarding application deadlines and possible extension to these deadlines, criteria as to eligibility to diplomate status, some problems on presentation of case records were tackled. A request was made to ask successful examinees to share their cases with the group. Dr. Joey Dolendo was the Master of the Ceremonies. This meeting’s host was Makati Cell Group 2. (Click on the images below to enlarge them)

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